The Extensa Fitness instructor certification

At your own pace, in your own city, 1x1 with the creator of the Extensa Method.

Create a personalized schedule of live trainings and coaching sessions with Sarah Feilders, creator of the Extensa Method. Develop your skills and knowledge with the Extensa Fitness instructor certification. Learn to teach a 60 minute flexibility training class catered to your participant demographics.

What are the benefits of working 1x1 with Sarah?

  • You don't have to cancel classes, you can creator your own training schedule with Sarah;
  • You don't have to travel to an unknown city or area of town, Sarah will come to you;
  • You receive personalized training with Sarah the entire certification process;
  • You learn a sample class that is created for your teaching demographics;
  • There is no final exam.

Let's discuss the details and get you on the path to becoming a flexibility instructor!

Request more details of the 1x1 Extensa Fitness instructor certification or request a 15 minute consult with Sarah.

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